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High Schoolers ©Justine Saur

Chou Time! by davy chou

The movie started off from a free interpretation of the concept of "cadavre exquis" - where, one after another, a group of students would discover the sequence written by the previous group, and had to write the following one. Transposed into a film, this concept led to some narrative revolutions and a few more or less serious scenario blips - which I personally found very pleasing but that others may find upsetting.

Ultimately, the result is The Twin Diamonds, a film which follows two twin sisters unaware of their respective existence.

In a way I was slightly worried about the shooting, since very young students from Collège Descartes were supposed to direct adult characters... A genuine culture shock! And that's when I realised I could really count on the charisma and the amazing professionalism of everyone.

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